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FAN's covid-19 website: helping advisors survive & thrive, during & after

About Us


Helping Advisors During & After COVID-19

The Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group has been helping advisors for over 12 years.  Our group is free.


Because we are the most timely LinkedIn advisor group, we have revamped our extensive website to focus on helping you and your advisory business survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic.   Our Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group remains open to all advisors and only advisors (we reject 3 requests for every 1 approved).  Register for FAN


COVID-19 has changed the advisory industry...

  • Clients better understand value of advisors
  • Increased prospect interest in hiring advisors
  • Clients & prospects needing life & career coaching
  • Need to stay on top of "panic flareups"
  • Advisor "perspective & calm" challenges
  • "Stress-test-based" BD & vendor reevaluations
  • "Stress-test-based" client & staff reevaluations
  • Post-COVID-19 Recency Bias will benefit advisors
  • Clients & advisors wanting better life balance
  • "Stress-test-based" retirement reevaluation


We Keep it Simple

Our founder, Michael Sakraida, is one of many advisor sales, marketing, investment, and business experts FAN uses to provide financial advisors with income growth ideas. 

Watch short documentary that includes Mike Sakraida   For many years, Mike has been a sought after speaker and author on, and consultant for, advisors and their firms to be happier and more successful.