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"Hold My Beer" (Mon. 8/5/19 Selloff)

    Helpful review of what led up to Monday's market selloff and what advisors might want to say to their clients.

"One Year Closer to Insolvency"

         This week the Trustees of the Social Security & Medicare Trust funds released their annual report.  They reported under current law Medicare will be insolvent by 2026 and  Social Security by 2035. That's in 7 & 16 years respectively.  (Blog)

"The Value of Our Behavioral Approach"

        I was quoted in two articles this week. On Sunday, the New York Times published "When Gambling Seems Like a Good Investment".  The article discussed ways financial advisors deal with aggressive  clients. It gave me the opportunity to highlight our behavioral  approach. In this case, I discussed how we allow clients to section off  small portions of their portfolios to chase more aggressive returns.   (Blog)

"Best Indicator of Pending Doom"

        The  last few months I've periodically pointed out some stress points that  all investors should be wary of as the economic expansion and bull  market approaches record length. While the Federal Reserve capitulated  to the constant pressure from the president and Wall Street's panic in  the 4th quarter, complacency among investors is creeping back into stock  and bond prices. 



"Three Questions Clients Are Asking"

        As  we enter either the final stages of the bull market or go through the  early stages of the bear market (nobody will know until they have the  benefit of hindsight WHEN the bear market began) we are witnessing in  client and advisor meetings something that always occurs --  confusion/angst over what is happening with the market and their  investments.  (Blog)

"Putting Market Loses in Perspective"

        Depending  on how the last part of December plays out, we could be bombarded with  doomsday headlines. Already I've seen articles talking about the "worst  start to December since the Great Depression" from both CNBC and CNN.  The market losses are showing up on local news stations and in local papers.   (Blog)

"Academic Misconduct"

       In  college, my peers voted me "most likely to appear on CNBC". Even back  then I enjoyed talking about the markets and attempting to educate  anyone who would listen about how the markets work (or don't work). Some  of my fondest memories occurred after class or during a professor's  office hours where we would debate academic theory versus real world  experience.  (Blog)

"Understanding Our Behavioral Biases"

       SEM  applies a Behavioral Approach to Investing. Our total portfolio  approach is designed to overcome the most common behavioral biases. To  understand the importance of this we need to first understand the  biases. About two years ago I posted a video clip from one of our client  seminars where I discussed some of these.   (Blog)



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