Job Opportunities & Succession Opportunities

Finding a New BD



FAN is closely working with an  independent recruiting firm that specializes in helping financial  advisors find the BEST job opportunities for their financial advisor practice.  Our joint approach takes into  account that many of their advisor candidates weren't initially looking  for a better opportunity.

FAN's  job is to fully understand you and your financial advisor business, and what job opportunities you  are looking for from your new BD (from financial, business, and  personal standpoints). 

The  job of the firm we work with is to assume the due diligence and  negotiations on behalf of you (think of them acting as like a sports  agent - working with their financial advisor recruitment team - but without you paying a fee) so you can focus on managing your  advisory business and clients.

FAN  and this recruiting firm are compensated by the affiliating company, so  we have a continued vested interest in your ongoing success.

Contact FAN's founder, Mike Sakraida,  for an exploratory talk.  Mike first will explore with you whether you  should consider a move.  If you feel you should, then he will help you  take the first step to seizing the best arrangement possible.

Buying/Selling an Advisory Firm?



FAN also works with a boutique  financial advisor succession consulting firm, dedicated to helping financial advisors  nationwide value, protect, grow and plan for the transition of their  advisory businesses. 

Like  FAN, this firm has been helping advisors for more than a decade. Their  goal is to help advisors effectively and efficiently manage, protect and  grow their most valuable asset - their business - over the course of  their career. 

Contact FAN's founder, Mike Sakraida, for an exploratory talk.