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SEM Wealth Management


SEM Wealth Management is an investment management firm that has been helping financial advisors and their clients for over 25 years.  SEM Stands for Scientifically Engineered Models (they were formed as Strategic Equity   Management).  Their proprietary portfolio models are designed to help advisors and their clients overcome the personal behavioral biases that cause many to make self-defeating investment decisions.  And these models have guided SEM's portfolio approach since its formation. 

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Capital Tide

  Capital Tide is a real estate operating company  that has valuable advisor services through providing them and their investors with the  potential to benefit from co-investing with institutional investors in acquiring high quality commercial real estate. Investors can earn enhanced returns through a unique GP co-invest structure investing alongside large institutional investors with risks confined to that of a LP.  

 Capital Tide’s conservative structure will invest in high quality buildings  with high credit quality tenants, long duration leases and conservative debt level targets. The venture brings together the principals of a leading real estate investment management firm and institutional asset management firm bringing 35 professionals who have successfully partnered since 2013. 

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