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Latest FAN Advisor Sales Ideas Articles

"Advisor Sales Through Behavioral Finance"

        I’ve seen that advisors who understand behavioral finance were able to  take a new approach with their prospects and clients that resulted in  increased revenue and far less work.  For these advisors, behavioral  finance changed the investment and service focus from them to their  prospects and clients.  

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"An Open Letter to Advisors From the Prospect's Perspective"

        The purpose of this open letter is to give advisors a typical prospect’s  honest opinion about how advisors present themselves and their advisory  firms, and how they treat their prospects.  This is a behavioral  advisory business view – think behavioral finance, but for growing  advisory businesses – that should help advisors with their messaging and  process with prospect meetings.  (Read article)

"College Enrollment Scandal - Advisors' Teachable Moment" 

       No pun intended, but the recent college enrollment scandal is a  “teachable moment” for financial advisors, and for their clients and  potential clients.  For advisors, this scandal highlights how important a  child’s academic success is to many of their clients. And because this  scandal is so publicized, it is a great opportunity for advisors to help  their clients while generating new prospects.   

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Most Popular FAN Advisor Sales Ideas Articles

"An Open Letter on Improving the Mainstreaming of Sustainable Investing"

      The purpose of this open letter is to have the  providers of Sustainable Investing programs think about what, for many  of them, is a new marketing approach. (read article)  

"Advisors, You Don't Get What You Deserve"

     I'm sure you've seen inflight magazine ads for negotiation workshops,  saying, "you don't get what you deserve - you get what you negotiate".  Thank you, Dr. Karrass! Well this certainly is true when it comes to  advisors in the three most important areas of the life of their advisory  businesses:  (Read article) 

"One-Meeting Closes for Financial Advisors"

      Ask yourself this question: Would  one-meeting prospect closes – versus discovery session followed by a  presentation session - be better for growing your advisory business? The  answer is, "yes!" (Read article)

"6 Rules for Increasing Advisor Close Ratios - Part 1"

        Ideas without action are just dreams – My best  practices articles are designed to help advisors correct real problems,  with highly effective solutions that I’ve seen in action.  (Read article)

"Advisors with Virtual/Shared Offices"

          Fixed office costs keep many advisors from going independent, and eats up other's income - I  often talk with financial advisors who want to leave their firm and set  up their own office - whether as an Independent Rep or RIA - but feel  they need a substantial AUM level in order to pay for their office space  and staff. (Read article)

"Take the Advisor 'Wow' Test"

       Advisors need to "wow" clients - Having a large  percentage of clients who refer a large number of their friends and  family members to you is the easiest way to have a large and successful  advisory business. But merely satisfied, or even moderately delighted clients are not going to generate large numbers of referrals (no matter what great referral system is in place).  (Read article)

"We Know to Speak Less Than Prospects, But..."

       We all seem to know that we should speak less than our advisory  prospects, but it seems to be a very difficult new habit to create. And  it runs counter to how many of us were trained to sell (yes, getting new  clients for our advisory businesses is selling) or at least how we  thought we should sell.  (Read article)

"Postmodern Marketing for Advisors"

       Architecture Analogy - Postmodern architecture was a  reaction to what many people viewed to be the starkness and tone  deafness of modern architecture. I've been in some horrible modern  churches that were depressing, and completely ignored the history,  culture and feel of churches. Postmodern architecture uses hybrid  elements over the "pure" and "clean" ones of modern.  (Read article) 

"Record Dow Drop - Misleading!"

       Dow plunges 1,175 -- worst point decline in history (CNN)

      Dow ends wild day down 1,175 points, largest point drop in history (USA Today)

       Wall Street plunges, S&P 500 erases 2018's gains (Reuters)

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"7 Ways Advisors Can Warm Up Cold Leads"

       It's freezing right now in the Northeast, it's a new year, and most of  us want new clients, so it is time for us to look at how we can warm up  our cold leads. 

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"The Top 6 Advisor Trends/Events"

       One of the best times to be a financial advisor - 2017  has been quite a year for financial advisors, with opportunities,  challenges, and a lot of "what the heck" moments. But when viewed from  their importance on financial advisory businesses, this is one of the  best times to be a financial advisor.  (Read article)