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Over 17,000 Financial Advisor Members

The Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group has been helping advisors for over 10 years.  Our group is free, and focuses on: 

   1. The sharing of best practices ideas and services

   2. Networking among like-minded financial advisors

   3. Help with selecting BD's or RIA firms

   4. Tools-based sales coaching help


As an independent resource, we can access many related experts who enthusiastically want to help our group members.  Register for FAN (sorry, only advisors will be approved)

A Focus on Increasing Advisors' Profits

  •  Increased Leads
  •  Higher Closing Ratios
  •  The Right BD Affiliation
  •  Substantial Referrals
  •  Systematized Sales
  •  Selling Advisory Firms
  •  Effective Coaching
  •  Beneficial Technology

We Keep it Simple

Our founder, Michael Sakraida, is just one of the many advisor sales, marketing, investment, and business experts FAN uses to provide financial advisors with advisor income ideas. 

Because our experts have real-life experience, they know that the easiest-to-implements ideas are the most effective, and beneficial, for adviosrs.